Buffer, The Fastest Way to Post to Your Social Networks

I've been user of Buffer for about a year now (June 2012). They were in the news yesterday so I figured I'd chime in on how much I love their service. It's an amazing app that I use on a daily basis. It provides a quick and easy way to do two things: cross-post to multiple social networks and queue social shares to be posted at a later date.

I don't often use it to queue posts but I find it the best way by far to cross-post to Twitter, Facebook, ADN or whatever network I'm sharing to. It has a great browser extension, integrates into many of apps I use such as Reeder and Pocket and also has a mobile app. It also automatically shortens all URLs using my custom brac.co Bitly Pro account which is pretty cool. 

Timehop, one of favorite apps of 2012, keeps getting better

It's very hard for a mobile app to become part of my daily routine. Timehop is one of those that I now check everyday. I'm not sure what there long term business model will be but it seems like they have big things in store. Checkout this interview with CEO/Co-founder Jonathan Wegener on where they are headed.